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We are a leading Czech patent office with more than 20 years of tradition. Partner for companies, research institutes, universities and individuals. Patent Attorneys and lawyers specialists. Intellectual property protection anywhere in the world, including representation in disputes. Personal or on-line communication.


Patents protect inventions such as a manufacturing process or other technique, device, thing, product, substance, mixture, preparation, production microorganism, etc. It is valid for up to 20 years.

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Utility models

Utility models protect technical solutions such as equipment, system, thing, product, substance, mixture, preparation, etc. It is valid for up to 10 years.

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Trademarks protect word and graphic signs and logos, or even product shapes or packaging. They are valid for 10 years and can be extended for an unlimited time.

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Industrial designs protect the appearance of products, their design consists of a shape, outline with a drawing, decoration, etc. Their advantage is a very fast registration. It is valid for up to 25 years.

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““We want to constantly offer the best of our know-how to our clients, but at the same time we aim to ensure that our approach is both, highly professional and very personal.””
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Ing. Jiří Sedlák
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““It is not possible to protect the software itself by a patent, but if the software steps are properly connected with a technical device or method, such protection is possible.””
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Mgr. Aleš Lang
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““Protection by patents and utility models is not something reserved only for mechanical or electrical engineering; the traditional area of protection also applies to pharmaceuticals and chemical compounds or processes. Recently, we have been intensively focusing on patents protecting industrial micro-organisms, for example, as well as products and methods of molecular biology.””
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Ing. Tereza Klímová
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““By filing applications online via the patent offices’ systems, we save our customers’ time and money.””
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Petra Brůžková, DiS
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Ing. Robert Kutil
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Mgr. Zuzana Malová
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“Přihlašování patentových dokumentů do zahraničí má svá specifika. Díky znalosti místních právních předpisů a mnohaleté spolupráci se zahraničními patentovými zástupci zajišťujeme pro naše klienty co nejúčinnější ochranu jejich vynálezů v zahraničí”
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Mgr. Lucie Káplová
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BcA. Zuzana Kodrasová
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““We are investing in new staff development projects, education, and electronic systems for managing the paperwork and communicating with patent offices and clients. The motto of the wise is: be prepared for surprises!””
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Ing. Lucie Hovorková
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““Beware of fraudulent offers for registration or the renewal of your industrial rights. We keep track of deadlines and extensions using a special software and we will remind you to renew your items in time.” ”
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Mgr. Miluše Vylíčilová
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““Good fences make good neighbors. At the patent office, we double up, or in some cases even triple up, our regular payment control mechanisms and other administrative processes.””
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Ivana Sedláková
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““Try to prevent disputes or settle them amicably, but in case your rights are interfered, we are ready to defend them before courts.””
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Mgr. Alena Biskupová
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Bc. Veronika Černá
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...World-changing ideas come on pigeon legs... that’s why they must be protected...

F. Nietzsche

What our clients said about us

„U PatentCentra oceňujeme rychlou a věcnou komunikaci, zohlednění všech rizik a jasný výstup s doporučeným postupem. Značná reálná vzdálenost mezi sídly našich podniků není rozhodně překážkou pro efektivní konzultace a řešení otázek a situací v oblasti duševního vlastnictví“.

A.W. spol. s r.o.

“Copyrights need to be consistently protected. I rely on PatentCentrum.”


Pavel Šporcl

Violin virtuoso

“Patentcentrum has managed the portfolio of trademarks and the protected geographical indications of MADETA a.s. reliably and flawlessly for a long time. We particularly appreciate their personal approach, very good communication, and their activity that brings positive results from trademark disputes.”

Ing. Milan Teplý

General director MADETA a.s.

“Thank you for the very effective cooperation. This was a new experience for me. From the several patents I have participated in, this one was absolutely the fastest, and I’m really happy with it.”

Ing. Jan Jakůbek, Ph.D.

The inventor of the invention Ústav technical physics and experimental physics ČVUT Praha

"HELUZ is aware of the importance of know-how and new knowledge as an innovative company. In the field of development, it is working closely with universities and protecting the results of this cooperation with the long-time professional patent company PatentCentrum."

Ing. Miroslav Vacek, Ph.D.

Director HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v.o.s.

"We appreciate the exceptional human and professional approach of the PatentCentrum office, who helped us resolve the problem of unauthorized use of our know-how and copyright infringement. You are not alone with them...”


Zuzana Prouzová - Lehrmann a Jozef Púry

“The patents and utility models developed by PatentCentrum are based on well-performed patent searches. We achieve up to 100% success in protection granted.”

Ing. Pavel Mašín, Ph.D

Independent researcher of research and development DEKONTA a.s.

“My name is Miloš Knor and my friends say I have a patent for humor.

The truth is I have several patents and all of them are managed by PatentCentrum.

My company is called KOMICI s.r.o. (translation: Comedians), but these patentiers always deal very “Knorrectly” with me. They’ve got a patent for it.”

Miloš Knor

“Patents and utility models managed by PatentCentrum are prepared so professionally that having them granted by the Industrial Property Office and the European Patent Office usually does not involve any major obstacles, and the patenting process is extremely fast.”

Prof. Ing. Jan Váchal, CSc.

Vice-Rector - Statutory Deputy Rector VŠTE v Českých Budějovicích

“During the preparation and registration of a utility model, I was very satisfied with the work of Mgr. Lang, Ms. Brůžková and the entire team.”

Ing. Lubomír Kasal

Production Engineer Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o.

“Patenting research results in biological and environmental fields requires a high level of expertise. PatentCentrum is excellent in dealing with our demanding requirements."

Ing. Robert Bártů

Head of Technology Transfer Biological Center AV ČR, v.v.i.

“I have been satisfied with the services of PatentCentrum Sedlák & Partners s.r.o. since 2011. I especially appreciate the technical expertise of the team members. This crucial aspect is complemented by extraordinary solidity, reliability, hard work, and an open and friendly approach to partners.”

Doc. Dr. Ing. Petr Klusoň

Institute of Chemical Processes AV ČR, v.v.i. Secretary of the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering

"Thanks to its professional and flexible approach, PatentCentrum effectively helps protect the industrial rights of Primeros Prague a.s. Both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We also implement a cost-effective trademark registration and maintenance strategy with PatentCentra. "

Ing. Roman Kocián

Chairman of the Management Board, statutární ředitel Primeros Prague a.s.

“The lecture on the Violation of Intellectual Property Rights in Practice, and the cooperation with the Police that you presented on the instructional-methodical work of the Police of the Czech Republic, was highly appreciated by the audience and contributed significantly to the high professional level of the entire job."

plk. Mgr. Michal FOIT

Director of the Criminal Police and Investigation Service POLICEJNÍ PREZIDIUM ČR

“In cooperation with PatentCentrum Sedlák & Partners s.r.o., we can recommend this patent office for its speed, accuracy, consistency, and diligence. We believe that PatentCentrum is a good choice.”

RNDr. Růžena Štemberková

Head of the Technology Transfer Office, South Bohemia University in South Bohemia

“Thanks to Ing. Sedlák’s team, we are confident that the results of our research will always be properly protected. Their service has always been accurate and effective.”

Mgr. Richard Lhotský, Ph.D.

Laboratory of Biotechnology, Centrum ALGATECH, Mikrobiologický ústav AV ČR

"The PatentCentrum is one of the leading offices cooperating with Masaryk University in registering inventions and utility vehicles. He does his job professionally, quickly and well. Great advantage is the excellent ability to communicate with the originators and understand their solutions. We've always been very happy with their services. "

RNDr. Eva Janouškovcová, Ph.D., LL.M.

Director Centrum pro transfer technologií Masarykova univerzita

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Jeden z největších profesních meetingů patentových zástupců, který se jmenuje FICPI FORMU se letos (stejně jako řada jiných akcí) bude konat pouze virtuálně a to ve dnech 4. - 5. 11.2020

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