Company Names and People’s Names

Company Names and People’s Names

Services in the Area of Company Names and People’s Names


Consultation in choosing the appropriate form of protection for your company name (free of charge within 30 minutes), including preparing and sending a complete price estimate, power of attorney, and other related documentation.


Assessment of possible interference with the rights to a person’s or company name, analysis of the situation, drafting legal opinions, legal representation.


Dispute management in the field of company names, dispute management due to unfair competition.


Dispute management in the course of interfering with the rights of a company name, including legal assistance in determining the amount of damages.


Legal assistance in interfering with the rights of a natural person’s name, or in case of interference with the rights of a legal person’s name or its reputation.


Publishing and lecturing activities in the field of person and company names, theory and practice

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These services are attended in our company by the following team members

Associate Attorney-at-Law
trademarks, administrative and court disputes
Associate Attorney-at-Law
personality rights, copyrights
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