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Utility Models Services


Consultation on the selection of a suitable form of protection for your design (free up to 30 minutes), including information on potential supportive grants, preparation and sending a complete price estimate, commission contract, and power of attorney.


Carrying out a search in patent databases, professional literature, and Internet resources in order to determine whether the design submitted meets the requirement of novelty and exceeding the framework of mere professional skill.


Evaluating the scope of protection, developing protection claims, description of annotations and drawings, i.e. the entire text and image parts of the utility model application which must comply with all legal regulations in formal and material respects.


Filing the utility model application at the Industrial Property Office, payment of administrative fees, representation of the applicant in the proceedings, communication with the Office until the registration proceedings is finished, examination and sending the registration certificate. Keeping track of the deadlines to pay the renewal fees for utility model validity, ensuring payment of the fees within the time limit.


Providing potential utility model applications abroad (national applications, including the USA, international PCT applications, European patent applications, representation at WIPO and EPO).


Legal representation in utility model disputes, enforcement of rights, mediation in disputes, development of expert opinions. Submitting applications for utility model cancellation and suggestions as to whether or not a particular design falls within the scope of the utility model.


Providing entries of changes in the utility model register (changes of name and address of the owner, utility model transfers). License registration. Developing licensing agreements for utility models, contracts for cooperation, contractual research and intellectual property management, non-disclosure contracts.


Publishing and lecturing activities in the field of theory and practice of patent law and utility model law.

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These services are attended in our company by the following team members

European Patent Attorney
mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction
Patent Attorney Assistant
information technology, physics, agriculture
Patent Attorney
chemistry, biology, food industry
administration, e-filing, translations
Patent Attorney
renewal of utility models
Associate Attorney-at-Law
court and administrative disputes
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